relax far infrared sauna

Relax Sauna

Highest quality far infrared sauna

These days we are surrounded by toxins from industry which accumulate in the environment and in our bodies.
We have a built in detoxification system but this system can be easily overwhelmed when the cofactor nutrients are not present in our diet. Also EMF from cell phones and other devices in our home add to the burden of “dirty electricity.”
One way I have found to deal with lowering the toxic load is a Relax Sauna. I bought one a couple years ago and love the great sweat I get, plus the convenience of the sauna design.

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Thorne Research is one of the few supplement companies that offers top quality supplements without toxic fillers and excipients.
I especially like Thorne Berberine, activated folate (L-MTHF), digestive products, and Nia-Cell, the new hot supplement.

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Pure Encapsulations is a high-quality supplement company supplying many innovating
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Organs are loaded with natural forms of nutrients, which are happily absorbed by the body,  in contrast to artificial nutrients found in most supplements. Ancestral Supplements are located in New  Zealand, far from the pollution and toxic sprays of the U.S. and Argentina. Argentina also supplies many organs to the U.S. which are used in organ supplements. Many herbicides and pesticides are allowed there which are not even permitted in the U.S.
The organ supplements sold by Ancestral Supplements are not subjected to high heat. If you see the term “desiccated ” as in desiccated liver, almost always the liver in this supplement is made by heating and other damaging processes.

Recommendations:  ANIMAL FATS:  Fatworks Brand

  • Duck fat, goose fats –high in vitamin K2 (menaquione-4, the only bioactive form of vitamin K2); Chicken fat (schmaltz), Leaf Lard, Buffalo Tallow, and Wildboar Lard
  • Organic Ghee from pastured goats, Walkabout Emu Oil * (refrigeration highly recommended)

Recommendations: Plant  Fats

  • Jukas Organic, Red Palm Oil
  • Olea Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Rejuvenation Foods Hemp Seed Oil organic, cold pressed.


  • emu oil in capsules.  
  • fish oil or fish liver oils in capsules or in pure liquid.
  • If you do purchase fish oils of any kind they MUST be refrigerated to prevent spoilage. 

For more information about rancidity, omega 3’s from plants, supplements and other topics, please read my blog at

Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD - Nutrition Detective

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