Children’s Dental Problems and Gluten

Children’s Dental Problems and Gluten: What Your Dentist Should Know…

Are your child’s dental visits not always happy one? No matter how well they brush and avoid sweets do your children’s teeth still show unsightly white, yellow or brown spots? Are you concerned about what could be causing the opaque areas on your child’s teeth, the rough enamel or the grooves, pits and even loss of some enamel ? Is your children distressed because her teeth aren’t white and pearly like the other kids?

Cuppa Joe & Mountain Dew

Cuppa Joe & Mountain Dew: Misery Loves Company

Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy my cappuccino just as much as the next guy, but I have cut way back on coffee drinking in the last couple years.  I liked the way it curbed my appetite.  And because it’s a stimulant, the caffeine in coffee gives me the extra burst of energy, but that turns out to be short-lived and went hand-in-hand with eating less nutritious foods and later  in the day, when ravenous,  I would reach for some quick edible thing to put into my mouth when sugar fairy would visit me.

Nutrition, Fluoridation and Dental Health: Weston A. Price versus Gerald J. Cox

They were contemporaries, living and working at the same time in the same country, and focused on the same topic—tooth decay. But they took totally different paths and their contributions were worlds apart. Weston A. Price was a dentist, world traveler and humanitarian who valued what people could teach him. He lived large and his laboratory was the world. Gerald Judy Cox, a chemist, involved in all that chemistry could bring, never stepped far from his lab rats. Although he traveled in the U.S. to professional meetings, he lived in Pennsylvania for most of his life.