Violent Behavior: A Solution in Plain Sight

What does diet and nutrition have to do with our thoughts and actions? Research over the past 50 years shows that the brain-mind, where behavior originates, and the quality of nutrition are closely linked. The impulse…aggression…criminal behavior, planned or spontaneous, starts there. ADHD and other problem behaviors respond more favorably to quality food than drugs and the substandard American Diet with its many nutrient deficiencies.

Your Body on Drugs: What are those Miracle Drugs Doing to Your Insides?

Historically pharmacy and pharmaceuticals related to healing originated from plants and knowledge of their use that developed over the ages from prehistoric times (Ellis, 2000). The Arabs established the first drug stores in the world in Baghdad around 754 AD. Their research and pharmaceutical science included some two thousand medicinal herbs to be used in specific treatments (Hadzovic, 1997).

Nutrition, Fluoridation and Dental Health: Weston A. Price versus Gerald J. Cox

They were contemporaries, living and working at the same time in the same country, and focused on the same topic—tooth decay. But they took totally different paths and their contributions were worlds apart. Weston A. Price was a dentist, world traveler and humanitarian who valued what people could teach him. He lived large and his laboratory was the world. Gerald Judy Cox, a chemist, involved in all that chemistry could bring, never stepped far from his lab rats. Although he traveled in the U.S. to professional meetings, he lived in Pennsylvania for most of his life.