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Dr. Sylvia Onusic

Dr. Sylvia Onusic

Dr. Sylvia is a board certified (CNS) and state licensed nutritionist (LDN) and a certified teacher.  Her undergraduate program in Home Economics and Nutrition Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania led to a Master’s Degree at Penn State University where she also qualified for registered dietitian, and later a PhD in Public Health Education.  Her teacher certification in Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly Home Economics) and Health Education is granted by the Education Department of the State of Pennsylvania.

In  the 1992  she won a Fulbright Grant from the U.S.  Federal Government to the country of  Slovenia and while at the Slovenian National Institute of Health she completed post doctoral research based on  diet and aging.  Later she was appointed to the Cabinet of the Minister of Health, a position which she held for six years.  During that time she worked as the International Liaison Officer  and for the World Health Organization office at the Ministry. Sylvia leads a culinary tour to Slovenia which focuses on naturally raised and traditional foods, cooking methods, and healthy lifestyle.

During her tenure as a high school and vocational education teacher she pioneered and taught a very successful food service program for  disturbed and mentally challenged individuals for five years which won State-wide awards.  She is also a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army. Sylvia is the mother of two outstanding young men.

Today nutrition is an extremely exciting field.  In 2003 the human genome was sequenced and the technology is now available to all.  A simple saliva test  opens the doors to precision nutrition (nutrigenomics) based on the individual’s genome.  Applications using the raw data organize genes into patterns which can be interpreted to target problems and predict nutritional solutions for the individual.  In addition natural methods like probiotics have become the new “hot” treatments for especially difficult problems like autism, OCD, ADHD and other issues.  Sylvia has an active  nutrition practice using these technologies and others to  focus more exactly on mental health and behavioral issues; raising healthy children, youth and families;  and empowering those with food allergies, food intolerance, and autoimmune conditions such as thyroiditis and celiac disease.  She is a member of the American College of Nutrition.

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