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The Scandal of Infant Formula. A Poor Replacement for Mother’s Milk

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Articles, Power for Your Baby | 0 comments

The cutting edge of science and research today shows a much difference picture of the effects of infant formula on the child, adolescent and adult than doctors and formula companies would have us believe. When babies are born, they are far from complete, especially the brain and immune system. That Nature leaves to breast milk. Scientists studying the “message” in mother’s milk see it as nothing less than a program for life. We know from many well-designed studies that what a baby is fed while an infant heavily impacts on the development of the brain and body, and development of chronic diseases in adulthood. Ever wonder why there is so much ADHD and other behavior problems among our children? Can the epidemic levels of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and autism possibly be related to infant formula? Today’s researchers say, Absolutely!”If the nutrients necessary for proper development are missing when the timetable calls for them, that process will be side-stepped or poorly played out, with sometimes severe consequences. This article, complete with four sidebars and references, tells the tale of entire generations insidiously damaged by infant formula.

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(published in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts. Fall 2015;16(3): 22-53.)