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Your Genetic POWER!

How many times have we heard, in reference to a disease or health condition, “Oh, it’s genetic!” We just accept it. But times have changed. Now not only can we order a test in the public domain which charts out DNA and the specific genes we carry, but we can learn how you can significantly influence gene expression called epigenetics, and thus improve your health with a personalized nutrition program and lifestyle choices. Yes, you can change your destiny!

Your Mental POWER!

You aren’t physically well unless you are mentally well. The two go hand in hand.  In fact research has shown that people taking psychiatric medications have a shorter life — they will lose 12-20- years of life expectancy. Children on ADHD medication experience brain shrinkage. Thyroid problems, celiac disease, neurotransmitter issues and nutrient deficiencies can result in mental illness which often can be corrected with addition of specific nutrients to the diet.

Your Probiotic POWER!

Within the human body, various microbial communities that constitute the Human Microbiome play a fundamental role in orchestrating human health and disease. Probiotic bacteria, the “good guys” are a major force in protecting us from diseases and are necessary for body processes, even bone growth and mineralization. From birth, a healthy gut microbiota is essential for the normal development of the gastrointestinal and immune systems. The gut and the brain communicate and probiotic supplements, called psychobiotics, are now used successfully for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

POWER for Your Baby!

BABIES need power to grow and develop correctly. When certain nutrients are lacking, in utero the baby has to adaptation at each particular stages of growth which permanently changes their physiology and metabolism. Muscle growth can be impaired to spare brain development. Fewer cells than necessary make up a specific organ. Undernutrition can program the unborn baby to develop diseases in later life which include coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension.

POWER Over Gluten

A gluten-free diet is not just a fad of the 20th century. Problems with gluten are real and many people are afflicted. Gluten damages the gut walls causing leaky gut, a major inflammatory condition which is host to many mental and physical problems. Scientists have found that a gluten-free diet and improvements in nutrition positively impact kids with ADHD, schizophrenics, people with depression, migraines and brain fog; and those with eczema, arthritis, chronic fatigue, tummy troubles and more. Diet and nutrition are the keys to power over gluten.

Thyroid Power

Your thyroid gland, nestled at the base of the throat is the conductor of the body and needs protection and nourishment or things can go seriously wrong. Iodine, selenium, preformed vitamin A, and magnesium are big players in keeping the thyroid happy and healthy. Correction of thyroid issues with nutritional supplements, the right medication, and avoidance of some specific toxins like fluoride, can get the thyroid back on track. But few doctors know thyroid well and what tests are needed to properly assess its function. The connection with the adrenal gland is a major part of the puzzle which is often ignored.